Take an Online Wedding Photography Course

Everyone wants to remember their special day. While friends and family will be armed with phones to capture the events, a wedding photographer creates special, lasting memories that can be passed from generation to generation.  

What Is Wedding Photography? 

You might be asking what’s so special about wedding photography. Why is a wedding photographer different than any other photographer? Well, like many jobs, most photographers specialize in a certain style. They all need to understand lighting and composition in addition to having a detailed eye. But wedding photographers have a skillset that goes beyond art; they also need strong customer service and people skills.  

Communication is key to make sure the client is getting exactly what they want. Unlike photographers who specialize in studio portraits or landscape photography, wedding photographers only get one chance to snap some of the key moments during a wedding. They also have to work on a tight, specific schedule and coordinate with other vendors such as catering, officiants, and make-up artists. Wedding photographers also need to be as unobtrusive as possible, not interrupting any special moments while still making sure they get the shot. According to NYIP graduate and wedding photographer Stephanie Williams, wedding photographers need to know “when to be a photojournalist, product photographer, or portrait photographer.” It may be a fast, high-pressure job, but what they create can make it a fulfilling, rewarding career.  


Why Take a Wedding Photography course? 

You might already dabble in photography, but a Wedding Photography course from NYIP can help you build the skills needed to give you confidence and credentials for your career. Your classes will cover the basics of photography like lighting, posing, and equipment, but you’ll also cover key moments, wedding trends, and culturally diverse customs. Williams also believes the best way to learn is through the guidance of prominent wedding photographers. That’s why NYIP has professional wedding photographers serving as mentors, so you can also learn to build a portfolio, create pricing packages, and how to brand and market yourself to gain a competitive edge in a thriving field. After successfully completing the course, you’ll be eligible for certification by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), boosting your resume even further.  

Kickstart your career with NYIP 

If you’re ready to take the leap into wedding photography, NYIP might be the right fit for you. As the largest online photography school in the world, all classes are online and self-paced. There are no start times or due dates, allowing you to create a schedule that works for your life. Get started by enrolling online or call a student services representative at 1-800-583-1736 to learn more