Is Insta360 ONE R the BEST Underwater Camera?

Hello wonderful people Hannah here and welcome back to another episode of Insta 360 TV as you can see is a little bit dull and gloomy today but we are in a big wonderful city and we’re gonna vlog around with one mission at an extremely waterproofing experiment with Insta ONE R. We don’t know exactly what we’re gonna do yet the weather kind of suck so we’re just gonna grab the cannon walk around and see what kind of random experiments we can find to test the waterproofing for just magnificent such as the basement so come with us or what is gonna be a wet and wild experiments so it is our final day here in Shanghai but everyone’s feeling a little bit tired and particular mr.

Filmmaker Gabi and he said it’s a Sunday and I’m making it work so he needs a beer for you before you can start the day so I brought that thigh farmer in the corner Mr.filmmaker how are we doing hello hello da why you take so long is so small I know slowly thank you you might be why are we doing anything waterproofing ONE R think that’s funny huh what is it orange juice or screwdrivers so everything’s you think okay I’ll let you keep it oh my god I’m scared that’s it the Insta ONE R oh my god Wait hold this. AND we’re still recording waterproof beer proof screwdriver proof I am pleasant! okay should we get a lot of wash yeah let’s put have you came to see yes and you would have seen this graphic let’s put it to the test slow-mo that shit it’s all there few much all I doesn’t feel right oh my god see we’re going oh my god it’s the recording oh my god yes would you say that this is the first test passed yeah definitely pass okay you got your beer we got one result from today let’s keep going buddy yeah tastes just like ONE R.

It’s time for test number two my friends and I’m in the midst of a day and Insta 360 mascot well we’re doing this waterproofing so we’re gonna go to the aquarium and whatever fish likes this camera the most I’m gonna buy it so the shop have given us two chances to dunk the camera and play the tank so I’m gonna choose one Gaby is gonna choose one and then whichever fish shows the most interest then naturally that fish will become that Insta360 mascot of the water proof testing episode I like these white ones I got permission for that’s my friends don’t worry oh my god I don’t know what you think I should have a live it Go for it Hannah Can I just drop it in? You need to put it in. But it’s recording downside You think I should flip around? Come on fish! okay we’ve got Larissa and Flavia Bruno Alex max Leon Oh you have no idea as I’m making it with my hand I think we’ve got the one I like this one His name is Bruno I’m coming for you Bruno.

Okay Gaby went for a little pickle oh fish they are more fluorescent and some baby strand is so cute I see really one was the wetness one okay okay we’re recording it’s cold you’re special like as a couple you know I’m even giving me any names what do you want to call your fish juana juana okay come here the camera thank you sir okay I choose you I think that’s one you God what is that one oh my god let the shrimper on the side either oh oh my god we need to buy the shrimp though oh my god okay oh my god literally all the sheets are going for you now they’re gonna try and oh they’re trying to open the SD card as as a note guys ever opens the SD card slaw is not gonna be waterproof anymore so if your fish is doing that then bad behavior oh my god Oh we’re gonna be parents Gaby! okay so the red and the blue is Gabi’s fish who showed much more impressed than mine but we’re also gonna get shrimp because they were trying to hack the SD card they tried to ruin our waterproofing challenge so I’m gonna buy one thank you we’re now pround fish parents oh my god look so we have Gabi’s one right here and the colorful one is called one R naturally and then we have this lovely lady shrimp and her name is Sandra Sandra how do you know he’s a female it’s obvious Larry she’s a kind soul Sandra and now we have two more people to come with us on our quest for a waterproofing experimentation so I have an idea where we’re gonna go next let’s take the kids oh okay so we want to finish this experiment on the one tenth label and we’re gonna dump the ONE R into a river but we’re gonna do that with a fishing rod we want to show solidarity to our new Insta360 mascot what do you think yeah I’ve never I’ve never fished before so I wouldn’t say I’m so well acquainted with such equipment okay you’re good okay sweet right okay we’re gonna buy this and we’re gonna take our kidneys to the place they know about and we are gonna fishing rod a ONE R okay so as you can see here I have my apprentice cameraman this is Jamie Wow and we have Gaby and Jamie’s dad Marco helping us to set up the fishing rods because we are gonna dunk the ONE R and to this suspicious-looking River we have some Navy SEAL experience on this assembly line right now so me and Jamie are gonna set back and blow some bubbles Wow and wait for the sails to be ready okay boys let’s do this quick okay here’s the moment of truth Sun is about to set with my Navy SEAL wannabe mr.

Filmmaker Gaby wait you’re not recording. oh my god I’m so worried the way oh my god yeah it’s so good okay we have the final launch of the day Gabi do you lose the camera Have we lost it? ah okay follow the orange that’s too fast I think you got something. yeah okay gently lease off this off the gently gently gently gently there she goes okay Marco production assistant grab it grab it grab it Gabi you have graduated your Navy SEAL course congratulations.

Say subscribe Oh that was good enough right hey well done TV well everyone that brings a very wholesome end to our waterproofing episode so if you are wondering how waterproof is an Insta360 ONE R pretty down water click in my opinion so thank you so much for watching make sure you’re subscribed if you haven’t already and give me and Jamie a big thumbs up thank you so much for watching again and we’ll see you for the next episode.

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